Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hey Guys whats doing today , i think im looking for a great mate to share my spare time with!! There Has Been too much work and no play for way too long and its time to change that.
I would just Love to Walk on The beach or go Bike Riding Sleeping out under the stars in front of a raging campfire with that special someone or just a quiet night in on the lounge watching a Penthouse dvd with my guy lol, Or a drink out on the town is never out of the question occasionally

who knows whats guna happen today im just so bord i think i need a guy around lol
It would be good but i would mostlikey get sick of them anyway haha

Monday, January 22, 2007

26 Days
It's been 26 days since i broke my leg. My hip's been feeling like shit today, i hope there's no loose screws up there. From this saturday, i should be able to walk on my bad leg to a certain degree in about 2 weeks. This really blows, putting my life on hold for like 2 months all because i slipped on butter. Life is not supposed to happen like that. Well i was free of injury for almost 2 years, so i guess thats a good thing. I swear, when i'm recovered, i'm gonna party like there's no tomorrow, i'm gonna take back those 2 months i spent off of my feet. Anyways, thats my little rant for today. To anyone planning on breaking their leg, don't do it, it sucks. Until next week. Meanwhile check out the wicked t-shirt I ordered. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Chance to Live
We read the story (PDF in English, also available in French) with this title from the Big Book at my home group meeting on Monday.
A.A. gave this teenager the tools to climb out of her dark abyss of despair.

I came throught the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous at the age of seventeen, a walking contradiction. On the outside, I was the portrait of a rebellious teenager, with miles of attitude to spare. On the inside, I was suicidal, bloodied, and beaten. My stride spoke of a confidence I didn't feel. My dress was that of a street-tough kid you didn't want to mess with. Inside I was trembling with fear that someone would see through my defenses to the real me.

A good story (as nearly all of them are). Her use of drugs plays a prominent role, but clearly she was an alcoholic and belongs in AA. I tend to want AA's Singleness of Purpose to be taken quite literally. I am fond of the group nearby that forbids the mere mention of drugs—even aspirin, I'm told—and will throw you out if you don't follow the rule (even if you're the speaker). But in practice, I think AA needs to have more tolerance than that. That means we're stuck on a slippery slope of gray. I so prefer things to be black and white. My previous sponsor always seemed to be telling me to come up with more than the first two choices I thought of. AA is for alcoholics, even if they are also drug addicts, or addicts of other kinds. The sharing of experience, strength and hope should always be primarily about alcohol. This story meets these criteria.

The newcomer I mentioned last week showed up at the meeting as well. He had nine days sober. Still hasn't found a sponsor, but I think he's going to at least one meeting a day. That's good. He sat all the way in the back corner, behind the guy who never says anything and turned down an invitation to speak. That's worrisome. Again he spent some time after the meeting talking to RM.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Well not all of you. Just the people with websites I find strangely amusing, or just downright funny. Welcome to the list Louisiana! BRUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

welcome back...
welcome back...
welcome back...
welcome back...
welcome back...

and for those of you never left...thanks for coming again...

it's 6:00a.m. and i am sitting in my office at the computer wearing my red robe that matches the decor in my bedroom and a black bandana while sipping a fruit-2-oh and trying to come alive and shake the sleep from my eyes...wondering what in DAHELL am i going to talk to you guys about this morning...but since i ramble so well...i figured that i would just close my eyes and type whatever conversations the little people in my head are having this morning...

so...i'm sitting here thinking about what i am going to do today...what i am going to do this i really going to finish my laundry this weekend?...or will monday morning find me with renewed resolve to do a load a day until it's done?...need to get my truck washed...i'm having lunch with someone i've come to know rather well...looking forward to that...NEED to get to church on sunday...and THAT DAMN DOG really needs to be taken to be groomed...

i'm also sitting here giving some thought to my life's family, my bills and my budget, the maintenance my truck needs and a few other things i'm juggling...

but...wait...that's ALL of those topics are way TOO heavy for a friday i am going to head all THAT off at the pass...thinking only happy thoughts...ESPECIALLY since as shug decrees that friday's are by damn we'll be happy day...

so...let's be really do control your attitude...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dear Madam ivy,

Ha it was stronger than you hein from what I come to find in my letter-box!

Good, if I included/understood well, I do not have the choice. Will know, dear Madam, that that given pleasure nevertheless of seeing that people want to thank me with small something

Good, I do not want to do that in public, then here, I would like well that you say to all those which took part that I thank them miles time and your head for mule too

Yours sincerely of cordially

Mr Phal

Friday, March 31, 2006

In my design of the couple, hetero or homo, and I end up believing it increasingly exceeded, I have the feeling the love and passion within a couple is stakes daily newspaper that each of the two partners must maintain not to fall into this routine, sees direct towards the trouble and the desire for going to see the color of grass of the other with dimensions of the barrier. Certain couples are based on the feelings, others on the sex, others prefer big cocks and others on a scientist mixes of both. For my part, I am able to open out me only through both simultaneously. Whereas to make when the feelings but what the desire and the desire are more same the as front ones ? The discussion always had a place of choice in the human reports/ratios, then before going to seek this small piece of interdict which would put a little pepper in your love life why not sit down and in speaking about sharp voice. The words can and make often badly in this kind of situation but the situation will have the merit to be clear and to make it possible each one to be able to make the best decision for him and its couple.

The worst in all that remains those which ask for to their spouse the approval of being able to go to see elsewhere. These people there do not seem to realize of the sacrifice that that must represent : to know that the least occasion to pass one evening each one of sound dimensioned to be a reason, an excuse, a pretext with an act of inaccuracy. For my direction, it is really necessary to hold with the person to accept that she can go to see another man and to be more than egoistic to dare to ask that to her partner. Then good, some will say to me that if the bases are clear and sufficiently well defined from the very start, why not ! But do you really think that that leaves long-term prospects ? It is often said that " the Love returns blind man " but it would be useful to also add another saying : " Too good too idiot " !

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Déjà Vu

WELL HELLO THERE, AND WELCOME BACK!! If you’re stopping by for the first time, then MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME!! We like to consider everyone who pops in to be family here at un capitalist? So, as long as you’re here, YOU’VE GOT GAS!! Here in London, Monday’s a bank holiday – WHO KNEW!?. “A BANK HOLIDAY!??” you’re asking. YES INDEED!! And why? WE HAVE NO CLUE!! But that’s fine by us, our motto is “if you’re tired, TAKE A REST!!” After all, handling money can be a taxing job, no doubt. So we say, “TAKE A BREATHER AND WE’LL JOIN YOU!!”

After meeting for several hours behind closed doors, our ingenious CEO and his secretary have decided it best to rehash some of our past material while our office is closed (a little trick our CEO figured out on Christmas day while "vacationing" in Pocatello after “White Christmas” skipped for six hours straight), and in his words, “If those bozos on the radio can do it, THEN SO CAN WE!!”
“BUT I’VE ALREADY READ THAT!!” Yes, some of you will be experiencing a little déjà vu while perusing these posts, but what can we say, WE’RE LAZY MO-FO’s!!

SO HAPPY READING!! We’ll be outside, at the foot of Big Ben, asking people for the time. BUT DON’T YOU WORRY!! Come Tuesday, we’ll be right here, back in our cubicles, our heads on our keyboards… taking a nap.

Over and Out of the Country

This is it. Off we go. Our plane leaves in the evening. Our airline has one flight leaving daily for London’s Heathrow International Airport. The trip takes roughly eight and a half hours and flies from Seattle, up over Canada and across the Atlantic Ocean down into the U.K. Security’s tight and our flight will probably be long, uneventful and boring. If something interesting does happen, I'm certain it won’t be a guy trying to light his shoes on fire and blow up the plane, I can tell you that. They’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to the old “I’ll sneak a bomb in my sneakers and try and blow us out of the sky” trick. Every pair must now be removed and scanned for explosives, timers, and deadly odor.... and to make sure those shoelaces aren't a fuse of some sort. Thanks to one bad apple, we’ve all gotta stand at the security gate in our socks like complete idiots.

I find it extremely interesting you’re only allowed to meet the pilot once the plane has landed. I wonder if this has always been the policy or if people were at one point allowed to meet the pilot before hand until one too many cancelled or refused to get on, saying, “NO WAY! LOOK AT THAT GUY!! I’M NOT GETTING ON THAT PLANE!! WHAT IS THAT? IS THAT A LAZY EYE!!?”

I’m generally not a big fan of flying and prefer to keep my feet on the ground. I’m uncomfortable in the air and sometimes remind myself there’s no place to go but down. Birds belong in the sky, and even they probably spend most of their airborne time cursing small aircraft and praying they don’t get a cramp – thinking there must be a better way.

My brother was once thoughtful enough to explain to me the phenomenon of “metal fatigue.” He did this just before I boarded a flight somewhere. I don’t remember where I was headed, but I DO remember metal fatigue – and spent a great deal of that particular flight mulling it over in my head, looking out the window at the wings – lucky me. Metal fatigue, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, is the process of metal cracking or breaking down as a result of constant or repeated stress or flexing. Take for instance the wing of a jet – a wing will vibrate and bounces around flexing and after a while (at least, this is how my brother explained it) wings are bound to develop cracks due to metal fatigue. It was his subtle way of letting me know that at any point during a flight, the wings, overburdened by the constant flexing, could snap off, leaving me trapped in the center of the worlds largest javelin, destined to sick itself in the middle of the Atlantic or whichever patch of land we happen to be flying over. So, as I sit, bouncing around watching the wing vibrate, I’ll be thinking to myself, “Only a matter of time, baby. It’s only a matter of time.” I think it was his way of getting me back for the time I described the six-inch tetanus needle he would be facing at the doctor’s office when he was seven… touché.

On my first trip over, I learned each seat has its own little television screen. It’s set in the back of the headrest of the next seat forward. A good thing as the altitude makes any sort of window-based sight seeing limited to an endless sea of clouds some distance below. Movies, television shows and the informative kinds of programs you’d expect to find on the Discovery Channel or PBS are available on this screen. Channel number one is dedicated to the progress of our trip. It shows the speed of the plane which seems to average somewhere around 600mph, and there’s a little map (with the sophisticated graphics similar to those used on the Atari I had when I was a kid) on the screen showing how far we’ve come and how far we’ve left to go. The icon is a little plane with a solid yellow line stretching out behind it and a dotted line spanning the distance left to go (for those of us who aren’t quite sure which end of the plane is the front or in case we forget exactly where it is we’re headed).

The map, while designed to be helpful and entertaining, can really become a pain in the ass. Seeing the plane on a line with only five inches left to travel can be annoyingly deceptive. Five inches at 600mph seems like a distance requiring very little travel time. So, it’s a hard-hitting dose of reality when the distance screen switches to the flight time remaining screen and flashes a whopping 5 hours, 52 minutes left to go. Can the wings really stand that much more vibration? At 600 miles an hour? I can only hope they check those wings as thoroughly as they do my shoes. If so, everything’s should be just fine.

London, here I come... ready oah noht.